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Who here wants some boatshoes?

This pair of shoes is mine, my mom had them made for me in baby pink and baby blue, authentic leather, they’re really comfy to wear! :D


I’m thinking of including this to our collection of custom made items. where in you get to choose any color you like for the different parts of the shoe. You can go crazy with colors here.

I wear them most of the time with shorts or mini skirts or short dresses. Of course a little bit rugged looking to fit.

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I’ve been thinking of buying something like this. it’s for the shop so whenever we have customers buy from us we can take photos of them instantly and post it in our shop bulletin board.. mmm.. would you like to have your photo taken?


Hi everyone!

I really need your comments and opinions. shop is like a collaboration of different shops, for bags , shoes, clothes and other stuff. the place will also be rented for art galleries or photoshoots.

A. CURIO (means unique and things that strike your curiosity)

B. L’ATELIER (The Workshop in french)

C. STUDIO CURIO  (just another option)

D. BOHEME (various unique items and ways of expressing one’s self through fashion, art, etc.)

E. EVERYDAY IS CATERDAY  (we just love cats)

F. MARQUIS  (my name with an S added)

What word here has the most character and is striking and memorable for you and why?