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#shattered #sprinkles #glass #mirror #nail #art with #periwinkle #blue #dark #blue #white #polish 

#nailart and #accessories for today #happy #love it #galaxy #swarovski #gold #hello #bracelet

#shattered #sprinkles #glass #mirror #nail #art with #periwinkle #blue #dark #blue #white #polish

#nailart and #accessories for today #happy #love it #galaxy #swarovski #gold #hello #bracelet

#star #pink #heart, 
#orchid #lipstick #purple #lips #color of the year #accessories #hair #flair

#star #pink #heart,
#orchid #lipstick #purple #lips #color of the year #accessories #hair #flair

Bargain Hunt Bazaar finds


The Bargain Hunt Bazaar is happening from july 27-29, yes today is the last day!!!It’s located at the New Megatent in C5 Libis.  If you have time try to drop by! What  i love about this bazaar is it was spacious just like in the World trade center. I wasn’t able to take photos of the area so i’ll just share a few of the things i got.

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Bedazzled Pinwheel Bloggers party :)

It was my first time to attend a Blogger’s event, and the first one happened to be held by Bedazzle Accessories owned by accessories designer Catherine Limson.

It was really nice to meet a lot of nice people and get to socialize again and meet potential new close friends.

The PINWHEEL EVENT started at around 3PM at Cerealicious University Mall. I was supposed to go with Andie and Denise but ended up being late due to traffic. Anyway, back to the details there were some exciting activities in store for us! See photos!

All the bloggers after orientation and the getting to know part. Everyone had to introduce themselves! hihi felt like first day of school, so for us who already graduated it felt sort of nostalgic.

DIY station we get to choose two colors to be made with the gold chain! I picked Aqua blue and Salmon pink. (See results later)

For station 2! we get to choose charms and a braided string color! I picked Navy Blue and the charms above! look how messy my paper was, it’s so hard to choose! picky me…

3rd station the beady bracelet making station! :D i’d just like to call it that. It was really fun combining colors just how i like it.

Here are my new found friends with our completed creations too far to see though. Left to Right - there’s Cath owner of Bedazzle Accessories, Regine of theFashionVoyager  , ME, Andie of the Pin-up Girl Store, Denise of simonesfashioncloset

We all proceeded to the Bedazzle Retail shop and made our own little purchases. Lovely Accessories!

Here was my outfit for today and my created accessories c/o Bedazzle Shop

Knitted Top from The Ramp Crossing Dept.. Skirt thrifted find, Earrings-Forever21, Bracelets from Bedazzle Accessories

Fat Girl… haha

The colors are too yummy! Salmon, blue, teal, neon pink!

This tickled my fancy :P Got this Mustache Ring as one of the Take home Loot bags!

The other goodies i got! Someone’s doing a giveaway soon… hihi watch out for that!

Really had a great time, thanks to Cath for preparing such a lovely event and itinerary! Never a dull moment!

Once again check out their accessories here: Bedazzle Accessories

forever21 accessories and iphone cases

I haven’t been able to blog much lately due to a very busy month. Anyway, I’d just like to take this time on my sunday rest day to blog about my recent finds which some of you might find exciting and lovely aswell.This post is for items i got from December to February worth mentioning :)

So after so many iphone case obsession posts that flooded your dashboards, this is what i finally got and am happy with! It’s not decouart cases from etsy… I just got it from greenhills. Oh the pastel-ly goodness of pink and mint green/blue

I did all i can to find something unique and something i won’t see in any other stall there and this is what i got! Selling Price 430php haggled at 350php

so the cute thing about this case is it’s made up of three parts and i just love how i don’t have to force my iphone into fitting a plastic-scratching iphone case. This one is a bit rubber coated whichever term they use for it. They down side is it gets dirty.. and washing it just makes it a bit worse. But i have enjoyed my almost 1 month use for this baby.

Forever21 and Nikita Accessories

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Nikita Accessories <3

I’ve been waiting for a while to blog about Nikita’s Accessories. Most or all of the accessories are made with crochet combined with beads, chains and other sorts of media. I must say the color combinations are so lovely, and if you’re the type who loves colorful and classy accessories you gotta check the site.  

Here are some of my favorites, although most of them are sold out :(

Bow necklaces sold at 165php each

This lovely lovely!!! cuff sold at 420php

Audrey Bow Bracelets with Gold Chains sold at 205php Planning to get the White one together with the next item:

2 tiers of celeste crocheted scallops on gold-tone necklace chain sold at 350php (but i want the cream/white one too)

Another lovely piece, a bag charm but i am not sure how much :P

So here’s what i got for myself on my 1st purchase and also photos of my 1st meeting with the maker of these lovely Accessories..

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Interpretation of a Scarf

The season of scarves have passed, and i am still reminded of that time when almost everyone has a long scarf hanging around their necks where people wore jeans, plain shirts and blouses.

It was a “casual-walking  around-feeling cool and artsy” look. Well, at least that was my impression. It’s not bad, it’s just that I haven’t really appreciated them until the time that they became a bit passe.

Anyway, it’s getting colder as it gets near December so I thought that maybe getting that a bit expensive scarf from Accessorize wouldn’t be so bad! Since i’d be able to use them in numerous ways:

this look isn’t exactly popular here in the Phil., especially with our most of the time humid weather. I got to pull this off probably twice when wearing a sleeveless top and short shorts to balance the look and not looking overdone and it was a thinner scarf too compared to this one below:

Everybody can do this here. Especially if you feel lazy dressing up but still don’t want to look too plain- just put on a plain top or shirt to be paired with your fave jeans, shorts or skirt, putting a scarf that matches the color will make it look more special than not.

Using a scarf as a headpiece is one of my favorites. It’s just fabulous and so boho, i love that style tying the scarf/cloth/band on your hair like so on the right photo:

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There&#8217;s just something i particularly love about this bead work &#8220;masterpiece&#8221; . I can&#8217;t imagine how i could do it, but it&#8217;s really lovely, but it only works for me because of the color combination. &lt;3&#160;-tis my 1st bag from Accessorize
(and im just sharing my experiment photograph with my 50mm nikon lens hehe)

There’s just something i particularly love about this bead work “masterpiece” . I can’t imagine how i could do it, but it’s really lovely, but it only works for me because of the color combination. <3 
-tis my 1st bag from Accessorize

(and im just sharing my experiment photograph with my 50mm nikon lens hehe)


i am going to the accessorize show on Fashion week


I won accessorize vouchers worth 1000php

Tried to buy something and checked every item at the shop in Trinoma

I can’t choose.. help me decide what to get! :D

Check out their fanpage here:

Accessorize - Philippines


Photo reply anyone? :D